Arast Asks Why You Want to Invest

It’s a simple question put forth by the publishers at Arast: Why do you want to invest? Given the broad nature of the question itself, without any further qualifications, it’s a fairly simple answer for many individuals. For many, the answer is, “so that I can grow my portfolio.”

Ok, fair enough. But perhaps the question we should be asking instead is one that drills deeper. Instead of “WHY do you want to invest,” perhaps we could say, “What types of investments tend to interest you?” This will evoke a far more in-depth answer that will be more useful to the financial advisor that you ultimately sit down with.

So, before you make your next appointment with a professional, give some thought to the types of investment vehicles that pique your interest. This will help steer the conversation better, and both your – and your advisor’s – time will be spent far more productively!